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  • Male Pattern Baldness And Its Genetics
    The age old question regarding baldness has always been where does it come from? How does it happen? Is it hereditary? If my daddy was bald, does that mean I will also become bald? Throughout recent years there have been numerous studies relating to hair loss in general terms. Many scientists in these studies have studied the chromosomes and genetic makeup of both balding men and their 'fully-haired' counterparts. While there are no concrete con Read More...
  • Genetics Is Not Your Muscle Weight Gain Enemy
    Genetics is very important in determining exactly how to gain weight and at what rate. It plays a major role in getting the everything out of your bodybuilding workout routine. On that note, I'm having a serious issue lately seeing too many bodybuilders blaming genetics for their lack of progress. The moment an individual starts to mention that he / she can't seem to build muscle no matter how intense or long they weight train instantly the l Read More...
  • Size Genetics - What To Expect After 6 Months of Size Genetics
    Although SizeGenetics is a advanced penis enlargement system, probably the most technically advanced available on the market at this point, it will still take time. However this time can be made shorter if the user also takes advantage of the exercises that come with the enlargement device. The power of a high quality traction device will definately gain you some size within the first month or two, but if it is complemented by well-rounded exerci Read More...