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5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Even If You Have Bad Genetics

As you may know, being overweight or even obese, has a strong genetic component. If you or a loved one was overweight as a child, or if one or even both of your parents were obese, the odds of you being overweight too, skyrockets. Hereditary controls, amongst other things, your metabolism—how fast your body uses and burns calories.

The National Registry of Weight Control (NRWC) reports that over one third of people followed by their organization, have been obese since childhood. The NRWC maintains a database of over 4000 individuals who have lost and maintained a weight loss at least 66 pounds for at least 5 1/2 years. Further, 73% of this group had at least one overweight parent. For individuals who had two obese parents, studies show that the likelihood for that individual to be obese rises to 80%

However, it is important to note, that thought these statistics are discouraging, individuals monitored by the NRWC, prove that despite their backgrounds, it is possible to still lose weight and keep it off. They report that in order to successfully do so, they had to significantly change their eating and activity habits. Here are 5 easy tips to help you beat genetics and lose weight.

1. Keep a food diary and be sure to stay within your preset caloric limits.
2. Recognize and deal with the prompts that cause you to eat when you’re not hungry.
2. Consider your portion sizes
3. Eat meals lower in fat and calories
4. Get physical. Create an exercise plan and commit to it. Get a workout partner if you need it.

Genetics may play a big role in your battle of the bulge. That’s ok. It just means that you will have to work a little bit harder and smarter. Face the truth. Keep track of what you eat. Consider your portion sizes, eat low fat and low caloric meals, and most importantly, uncover the cues and deal with the underlying issues that prompt you to eat emotionally. You can lose weight and get fit! Now go and do it.

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