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Achieving Fitness - Beat Your Genetics

Are you one of those people that try and try to stay fit and healthy but just can't seem to lose that weight? Well, it might not be entirely your fault - it could be your genetics that are hindering you from achieving the body that you want. However, the news is not all bad. You can still reach your goals - read on to find out how.

Your body stores fat according to your genes. Some people store most of their fat in their lower belly, while others in their thighs or arms. As aggravating as it is, you can't control it.

Also, you can't always control where you burn fat from. Just like where you store it, your genes are also semi-responsible as to where your fat burns off first. So even if you are doing exercises that specifically target certain areas of your body, you won't necessarily burn the fat from there.

This is where your lifestyle comes into play. If you are one of these people then the bad news is that it is going to take more effort and work on your part to achieve the body that you desire, but the good news is that it is still possible. But first you must be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and dedication for a consistent, effective exercise program? Can you stick with it and make the required lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your goals? If so, read on.

The only difference between you and people with "good" genetics (i.e. genetics that work to their benefit) is that you are going to have to work harder to achieve the same results. You need to have the drive and desire to work hard every day. So how do you go about achieving the body that you want?

1. Do your workouts like usual - you still need to do "regular" workouts that target all of your muscle groups, just like anyone else would.

2. Eat less, more often. Instead of eating three big meals a day, try eating five smaller meals a day. This will increase your metabolism and up the number of calories your burn.

3. Only eat one serving. If you eat your first serving slowly, you will often find that you are not hungry for a second portion.

4. Substitute soda and coffee for water. Soda and coffee are horrible for your body, which craves water. You should drink eight glasses of water a day.

5. Eat fewer calories. Eat foods high in fiber, and make sure to balance your caloric intake of carbs, protein, and fat.

Use these five tips to start getting results. Remember, you can get the body that you desire if you stick with it. To learn more on how to firm and flatten your abs, visit http://www.lifefitnessblog.com/

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Source: www.articlecube.com