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Genetics Is Not Your Muscle Weight Gain Enemy

Genetics is very important in determining exactly how to gain weight and at what rate. It plays a major role in getting the everything out of your bodybuilding workout routine.

On that note, I'm having a serious issue lately seeing too many bodybuilders blaming genetics for their lack of progress.

The moment an individual starts to mention that he / she can't seem to build muscle no matter how intense or long they weight train instantly the lack of having "bodybuilding" genetics is to blame.

You got it...genetics.

Now, I don't want you to think that I'm saying that genetics doesn't have an impact on what amount and kind of muscle you can build.

That's why you have some individuals naturally stronger and / or bigger than the next person.

However, and this is a huge however, being rapid to blame a bad set of genes as the main culprit why you aren't noticing the muscle gaining progress you feel you should can be turning you into your own worst enemy.

Someone that quickly blames genetics for less than stellar results is doing a huge disservice to themselves.

"Is it that you have bad genetics, or is that your workout routine isn't that effective?"

"Horrible genetics for muscle weight gain, or the fact that you are focusing too much on getting stronger and are using incorrect training techniques that isn't geared more towards hypertrophy and not pure strength gains?"

"Bad genes, or you're wasting a ton of energy and calories on other activities, such as sports, work, etc.?"

I think you get my point.

With the thousands of factors and combination of things that can influence in a good or bad way your muscle building success, putting the guilt on genetics without examining the other things is not the most intelligent thing to do.

If right out of the gate you are already telling yourself that the muscle weight gain battle is lost because of your less than stellar genetics you you will never, ever discover the eating and weight lifting program that could be the one to take your body beyond what you ever imagined!

How many times have you heard or read someone that observes another weight trainer eating fast food, chinese take-out, chocolate candy bars, etc., and the very thing out of their mouths is that "he or she can eat like that and still maintain a fit physique because of his genetics"?

Regardless of what you may read or be told, take it upon yourself to have an open mind and investigate for yourself someone else's muscle weight gaining techniques, regardless of how unpopular it may seem.

Maybe isn't the fact that someone has great genetics that allows him / her to be able to gain muscle using non-traditional / non-popular workout techniques or nutritional plans work for them.

No, it's not that all of these weight trainers "have genetics that will allow that horrendous form of diet".

It's that they have discovered that what really has a visual impact on their bodies is not the nutrition per se, it's the total amount of calories that they eat on per day.

There are many that have been able to build a lot of muscle while eating very little protein.

Maybe these weight bodybuilders and fitness buffs have come to realize that when it comes to dieting with the goal of gaining muscular weight doesn't come down to measuring out a specific amount of protein / carbs / or fat grams, but that in fact the biggest bang comes from the total amount of food you consume.

Have you been following the typical you must "you should be maintaining reps per set from 8 to 12 in order to stimulate muscle mass", yet you don't seem to notice any difference in your appearance?

In all honesty, is it a bad set of genes, so you should just let go of your muscle mass building goals and take up chess...or could it be that for your specific body type a much higher amount of reps is required to properly stimulate muscular growth?

So, again, stop laying the blame on genetics for every physical downfall.

Step back, examine your training and eating techniques.


Uncover what works for you and only you...regardless of what the whole "he can get away with it because he has good genetics, but you don't and can't"- philosophy says.

It could be utilizing a much higher rep range.

Hey, who knows, you just might come across the workout plan or diet technique that completely blows your bodybuilding goals away!

Jonathan Perez is a Certified ACE / IAFF / IAFC Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer. He has written many articles unmasking the truth to how to gain weight without supplements or diets.

Source: www.articlesbase.com