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How Do We Reduce Over Regulation in America?

Perhaps you own a small business or you work in a large corporation and you cannot believe the over regulation in America and how we attack our own business community? In fact there are simply too many laws on the books to keep track of and this only gives the advantage to the lawyers who really do not produce very much for society or our civilization and yet seem to be in a way of every single dollar produced or spent.

What the United States of America truly needs is a red magic marker committee where all the regulations and rules are reviewed and lines are drawn through those rules, which no longer makes sense and are counterproductive or cause a worsened state due to the obvious laws of unintended consequences.

What is the quickest way to reduce this over regulation? Let's pay the regulators to reduce the regulations by giving them a $300 Bonus for each law that they can come up with on the books that shouldn't be there. Since they will be out of a job fairly soon they will want to go through all the regulations as quickly as possible and find all the bogus over regulation and submit it to the red magic marker committee to hopefully get their $300.

The bureaucrats are the ones that created all this over regulation and they should be the ones forced to find the problems with the laws and reduce them. Each time the government asks the American Bar Association to review laws the lawyers come up with more laws not less and isn't it ironic that the laws they come up with only serve themselves (the Lawyers) and not the American people? Consider this in 2006.

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