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Living Without The Humour Gene

So you want to attract people by being funny Ė but somehow, people just donít think you are. Were you born without the humour gene? It reminds us of the story about the shyness gene, which scientists eventually found Ė it had been hiding behind other genes.

There are many different kinds of humour. Some people seem to have been born with the ability to tell a stream of hilarious jokes (they werenít Ė but they practised a lot, and they started young).

Other people are good at physical humour, using their bodies or facial gestures in situations which people find amusing. And some are good at quick repartee, or are able to use humour to deflect attention from somebody who is suffering embarrassment - an excellent gift to have and cultivate, of course.

But what do you do if you didnít get the joke about the shyness gene? Maybe you really didnít inherit the humour gene and should settle for being a good listener. Yet, you really would like to be able to inject a little humour into conversations and situations. Simply study the experts, see what works for them. Not just professional comedians on tv, but also the people around you, the people who you and others find fun to be around. Youíll soon pick up a tip or two. Find somebody you admire, and model them. Thatís important in any situation in life Ė find somebody who has achieved what you want to achieve, find out how they did it, and then do it.

Hereís the most important piece of advice: make sure that people laugh with you, not at you. Whether youíre male or female, if somebody is considering going on a date with you, then they are also going to consider what their friends and family would think of you. So donít tell jokes against yourself - that just implies that you donít have any self-respect, and if you donít respect yourself, donít expect anybody else to do so. No respect = no dates.

Many people try to use humour to conceal their lack of self-confidence. To deal with this, and to improve your self-confidence levels generally, which will ensure that you do get dates with the right kind of person for you, click on the following link and scroll down to ďUnstoppable confidenceĒ. But check out our other recommendations, too. Hereís the link: www.waystodates.com

Source: www.articlesbase.com