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Male Pattern Baldness And Its Genetics

The age old question regarding baldness has always been where does it come from? How does it happen? Is it hereditary? If my daddy was bald, does that mean I will also become bald? Throughout recent years there have been numerous studies relating to hair loss in general terms. Many scientists in these studies have studied the chromosomes and genetic makeup of both balding men and their 'fully-haired' counterparts.

While there are no concrete conclusions available, the results gathered so far indicate that male pattern baldness is in fact a hereditary phenomenon. From these studies conducted to date, it has been a common finding that this form of baldness originates in the genes coming from our maternal side.

Interestingly enough, women whose father's are bald tend to carry the bald gene. Thus, it is no surprise that when a woman whose father is bald has a son, that son usually ends up being bald, too. Now this isn't necessarily so in every single case, but in many cases, this holds true.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by pointing to the mother's X-chromosome. When a woman is pregnant, the child in the womb gets its x-chromosomes from the mother and its Y-chromosomes from the father. The x-chromosome is said to be the one that carries the male pattern baldness gene.

Whether this male baldness genetics theory holds true or not is in question by some who do not believe the theory that males get this gene from their mother. However, time has proven to some that this theory is true for their unique cases.

Is there such a thing as male pattern baldness genetics? Is it true that if your mother's father was bald, then you have a greater chance of being bald, too? Perhaps only time can tell, along with the continued, ongoing medical research. The answer to these questions though is truly up to you-what do you believe?

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