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Mr and Mrs Excuse

"Wow, I can't believe it's almost 2008," said Susan to her husband Jack. "I know," replied Jack. "I can't believe it's been a year already since we were at the Richardson's New Year's Eve party." "Remember the New Year's resolutions we all wrote down on paper?" "Don't remind me," said Susan in a discouraging tone of voice. "I made that stupid resolution to go the gym at least three days a week and lose 20 pounds. Not only did I not lose 20 pounds but I actually gained 12 more pounds." "Well, replied Jack, at least you didn't gain another 23 pounds like me!" "Why even try, said Susan; it's not worth it. We might as well eat, drink, and be merry."

"Besides," said Jack, "it's not our fault. I mean, if there wasn't fast food restaurants all over the place we would never be tempted to eat there." "Oh , that's a good point" said Susan in a relieved tone of voice. "You know, come to think of it, it's probably my genetics that's to blame. After all, my mother is overweight, my grandparents were overweight and ...yeah, that's what it is, my genetics. Being overweight is not my fault!"

"You have a good point Susan," said Jack. "Now that you mention it, my problem is probably genetics too. Look how fat my Uncle Tom is and his dog. Besides, I don't even eat that much. You know that. I watch what I eat. I keep my portions small, only eating two or three plates of food at each meal. I only drink about five or six sodas a day and maybe something sweet a few times a day. My goodness, I even skip breakfast sometimes; well, except for the donuts and coffee in the morning. So it has to be my genetics."

"What a relief," replied Susan. "And here we were blaming ourselves. It's simply not our fault." "Hey Jack, can you pass me another one of those pizzas and another 2-liter bottle of coke? I'm still hungry." "Don't forget to leave some room for that cake and ice cream," said Jack. "What ice cream?" "I ate that bucket of ice cream for lunch while you were at work." "No problem," answered Jack, "I'll just go buy some more." "Hey, should I pick up some more pastries while I'm there?'

I made up the above story to get my point across. I may have exaggerated a little but how often do we make excuses for not losing weight. We blame everyone and everything but ourselves.

Source: www.articlesphere.com