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Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

There are two types of lymphomas: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) and Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Among the two, there are more cases of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma among those that suffer from cancer in their lymphoid systems; it encompasses over 29 types of lymphomas. In the United States, the cases of reported Non-Hodgkin's are at least seven times as common as cases of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


This type of lymphoma is characterized by a malignant growth of B or T cells in the lymphoid system of a person. There are over twenty-nine types under this category, classified according to the type of cells that multiply and the rate by which they do so. The symptoms that people with this disease exhibit are the same as the general symptoms that people with lymphoma exhibit, including a higher incidence of infections and enlarged lymph nodes. However, just like other lymphomas, some symptoms can be very hard to detect.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Once NHL is suspected, physicians make the person undergo a series of tests that are aimed at confirming if it is indeed NHL, and if so, more tests are done to determine the type of cell growth by examining the cancer cells. With NHL, it is very important to arrive at an exact diagnosis so that the most appropriate treatment can be employed to beat the cancer.

The most often-used mode of treatment is chemotherapy, which involves administering powerful drugs that target cancer cells. This treatment is often used if the cancer is found in different areas. On the other hand, if the cancer is localized, the treatment that is employed is radiation therapy, where radiation is used to target cancer cells in a certain area. In some cases, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are combined to treat some cases of NHL. In more advanced cases, the treatment that is used is a bone marrow transplant, which is aimed at bolstering the body's immune system, which the cancer has severely compromised. Some of the most recent treatments that have been developed include immunotherapy, using vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapy.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL), is the most common type of lymphoma. Given this, a great deal of research has been done to better understand this disease and to find ways of treating it. Fortunately, this research has provided vital information that can help the people who have cancer as well as those who are treating it.

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