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The Genetics Of Asthma

With the decrease in air quality, asthma has become a very prevalent condition, especially in Western societies. An asthma allergy is often seen in children and adolescents, with it being less common in adults. Even though it is less common in adults, it is still possible for many adults to be diagnosed and suffer from asthma.

An asthma allergy is a condition in which targets the respiratory system. An irritant is breathed into the lungs, and this goes on to cause inflammation of the tubes of the lungs called the bronchi and bronchioles. This inflammation initiates release of chemicals that causes the entrances to the lung tissue to constrict. The result of this is the coughing sound produced along with any wheezing.

Even though there has not been a gene located that shows if someone will be diagnosed with asthma or not, asthma allergy does have a tendency to run in families. Therefore, scientist believe that if you have a parent with asthma, and depending on you genetic makeup, you run the risk of being predisposed to a diagnosis of asthma. Your risk of been diagnosed with an asthma allergy increases if you also have a sibling who has also been diagnosed with asthma.

However, even though asthma allergy might have a genetic tendency, the environment still plays a factor in the flare up of an attack. For example, being around pets, cigarette smoke, and dust mites can lead to an asthma attack for some people. Anyone with should try to avoid conditions that might triggers there asthma.

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Source: www.isnare.com