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Twin Babies

Twins are a result of multiple births, i.e. when more than one baby shares the womb of the same woman at the same time. It is estimated that one in every eighty pregnancies is a twin pregnancy. Incidence of twin births has become very common due to several factors including increased use of fertility treatments. Genetics and environmental conditions are also responsible for the birth of twins. Twins are can result from two fertilized eggs (fraternal or non-identical twins) or from a single fertilized egg (identical twins).

Raising twin babies is an arduous task and can be very challenging. Most twins are born premature at around thirty-six to thirty-eight weeks and thus need special attention. Though they can be delivered normally, caesarean section may be required because of the unusual placement of the babies inside the womb due to limited space.

Both the twins can be breastfed, as the motherís body can generally produce enough milk for both the babies. The babies can have different demands for nursing, as well as different appetites. This can increase the stress levels for both the parents, not to mention the cost of bringing up two babies at the same time.

There is special equipment for twin babies like twin nursing pillows and beds for twins. Twins can also share a bed or a room, as this will increase their companionship. There are times when one twin is more demanding and may wake up more frequently during the night, which may cause the other baby to wake up. This problem can be corrected by following certain techniques like putting both the babies to sleep at the same time, putting them in the same crib, establishing a calming routine before bedtime, and discouraging nighttime waking. There are associations like the National Organization of Mothers of Twins that provide advice and support for mothers of twins.

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