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The Map is Not The Territory? What The Heck!

If you read anything about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you will come across the phrase “the map is not the territory”, it’s something that baffled me while I was training. Simply put it means that a map is only a representation of the reality of the area. It is not the area itself. Another analogy is the menu is not the food (I sometimes prefer this one, as I think it is clearer). What you see on the menu is simply a representation of what you are going to eat.

So what does this mean in everyday life? It means that every person has a different map that they use to interpret the reality they see in front of them. Do you see the glass as half empty of half full? It depends on your map, or the way you represent things. This is probably one of the most useful things you can learn about NLP, well one of the most useful. If people would understand this concept and internalise it, there would be a lot less arguments and disagreements among people. You should always try to step into the other person’s shoes before you make a judgement or call about them. How does it look from their perspective? A lot of times we don’t stop and listen to what they have to say – we simply assume.

Let’s take an example. A person walks into a room and sees another guy “chatting up” his girlfriend/wife. His map sees this as his girlfriend/wife flirting with another man. That is the way he perceives the reality of the situation. Of course the reality of the situation may be very different. Another person may see it in another light. My advice to you is to always stop, look and listen to what is going on, and try and see it from another view point. Is the situation really as it seems or is it your interpretation of it? Sometimes that’s all it takes to stop a huge or small argument

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