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Profiling - Some Useful Examples

Profiling is an investigative activity in which someone searches for specific elements that characterizes a thing or a person, a social group or even an organization.

Profiling is used in many different businesses. In the consultancy business you encounter profiling when a consultant is to do a job and learn (or teach) the basics about an organization. About some main characteristics and about the question: what makes this specific organization interesting and where would you - according to the profile expect problems or best search for a solution.

Financial institutions use profiling, to better service their clients. They trace the financial behavior of the client and from this information they constitute a profile; some clients are active traders and will be presented higher risks products and services. Even from a prospect that has been surfing around the site before contacting, the bank will already know some basic characteristics of this potential client. Insurance companies also use profiling mechanisms. The higher risk profile of a young driver is very important information for the insurer. It is all about statistics and probability, but for the insurer it is core business; the chance of an incident.

Criminal (or offender) profiling is a practice from the late 19th century: ..."For many years, the work of individual psychologists and psychiatrists could be described as profiling." ... The first example ... by Dr. Thomas Bond, a police surgeon, who performed the autopsy on Mary Kelly, the last of Jack the Ripper's victims ... He suggested that investigators look for a quiet inoffensive looking man, probably middle aged and neatly dressed ... http://www.crimelibrary.com/ criminal_mind/profiling/profiling2/2.html)

According to the wikipedia, "criminal profiling is considered the "third wave" of investigative science: the first wave was the study of clues ... the second wave the study of crime itself; this third and final wave is the study of the abnormal psyche of the criminal."

All areas where profiling is profitable, harmful and efficient. Recent turmoil however, is about racial profiling. That requires a closer look.

2006 Hans Bool

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