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College Girlfriends

The experiences you had during your college days become some of the most memorable in your life. The type of relationship you get into while in college is significantly different from the type of relationship you had in high school. In high school, the type of relationship you have has a childish feel to it. No so with a college relationship. Typically, this is the first time a person experiences a relationship that is more mature in nature.

Age Factor

The fact that you are older and more mature during college compared to high school makes the college relationship much more fulfilling. The relationship you develop while in college will generally have the potential to become much more than the relationships you have in high school.

Even though a high school relationship may seem very serious, and sometimes it can be, it does not compare to the feeling you get with a girlfriend you have in college. This is due to the age you are in while in college. At the ages of eighteen through twenty-two, you are ready to get into a serious relationship with someone. This is not necessarily true at the age of fourteen through seventeen. A person's way of thinking and attitude is significantly different at this age.


The activities you get to experience when in college with your girlfriend are so much different from activities in a high school relationship. In high school, the typical activities you would do with your girlfriend are school function related. For example, you would probably go to a school sporting event, or a school dance. Once in a while you would go out to a movie and dinner. In college, you will generally go on activities that are more intimate, and spend time alone with each other.

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