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Lamp Posts and Sprinklers for Your Gene Kelly Moments

If you're a Gene Kelly fan like me, you relish the days and nights when it rains and run to find your old yellow rain slicker and umbrella and head to the closest light post to do your rain dance. But if you live in Southern California (again like me) where it doesn't really rain all that often, your Gene Kelly moments are quite limited. However, there are a couple creative ways for you to get your "Singin' in the Rain" moments on no matter what season it is.

The first method and probably one of the funnier ones is to suit up in your rain slicker and umbrella on a hot summer day and set off your neighborhood's local fire hydrant. Even though you may be looked upon strangely for dancing around in the middle of the street in front of the fire hydrant, wearing a rain slicker, the neighborhood kids might appreciate the strong spray of water. As fun as this method may sound, you should consider it a temporary method because someone is surely bound to call the fire department to shut off the water.

Which brings us to our next Gene Kelly method - get a moderately sized post mounted lantern in your front yard. Really, if you think about it, it might actually be a good idea to invest in a post mounted outdoor lantern for your home. Aside from being able to have as many Gene Kelly moments out in your front yard (complete with your own lawn sprinklers), you'll be able to light up your yard and let visitors know that you're home. And if you really want to get your Gene Kelly moment going, consider getting a hold of one of those plastic ring sprinklers to prolong your moment for as long as possible!

Before you embark on any of these Gene Kelly ideas, always remember to limit the amount of time you spend out in the "rain." Chances are, you'll either catch pneumonia by dancing in reclaimed water, and wasting water is never a good thing. Try to time all of this when you need to water the lawn or wash your cash; that way, you won't feel as bad running through the sprinklers so long as you're getting the lawn watered.

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Source: www.articlesbase.com