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Ditch the Dimples on the Derriere

Getting older has it's up's and down's but when it comes to the dimples on your rump or legs life just seems to be unfair. It doesn't matter how much you watch what you eat and how great you took care of yourself when you were younger, the dimples seemed to find you somehow and now you have to find a way to get rid of them.

We have all heard about different creams, lotions and potions to smooth out these annoying lumps, but do they really work? Of course not. They may make your skin feel smooth or tight but when it comes right down to it, those creams don't help at all.

Exercise does help the appearance of cellulite but unless you keep up with the exercise those dimples will probably reappear. Fitting in countless hours of exercise when you get older just doesn't sound good, after all you probably got enough exercise raising your family. Now it's your turn to concentrate on yourself

Other options include liposuction which is expensive. Most older women would like the convenience of liposuction but the expense is too much so liposuction is probably out of the question.

The most pleasant option of all - massage treatment! Having a massage therapist work out the dimples helps not only the appearance but it helps you relax and feel better about yourself. Massages run anywhere from $25.00 per hour to $150.00 per hour. Finding one is as easy as asking your hairstylist. They seem to know everybody!

Since life has given you these lovely dimples, the least you can do is enjoy getting rid of them.



Source: www.articledashboard.com