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The Well Written Case Study in Solutions Marketing

A well-written case study will increase awareness of your product, make a favorable impression on prospective buyers, and hopefully, increase sales.

The first thing is to understand what perspective customers are looking for. They're looking for solutions that will inform, educate, or otherwise interest them. What they are NOT looking for is chest beating. You know…blatant advertising, something telling the world how great your product is, highlighting its features, listing its benefits, etc. If that's what you want, consider purchasing an advertorial rather than trying to pass it off as a case study.

Case studies follow a problem, alternatives, solution-adopted, lessons-learned format. With a case study you are offering to educate prospects as to what technologies, products or services may or may not work to solve a particular problem.

In the real world, a great case study will make enough mention of competing products and technologies, and problems faced/overcome to get it past prospects BS radar, while still hi-lighting the success that can be achieved with your firm's products/solutions. It's a fine line, and how far you can push it depends on how good a relationship you have with your featured customer and success story writer.

If a prospect has a problem or need that might be solved by your firm's products, chances are case studies, even if it's completely neutral will lead them to your website. Or cause them to place a call to your sales team to arrange a demo, or for product literature.

Your website should contain success stories, solid testimonials, feature-benefit lists, and everything else needed to excite them about your product.

You should plan case studies and budget for them in your annual marketing and advertising. Case studies work great for solutions marketing. After all, the essence of a case study is to demonstrate how a product or service has solved a customer problem.

James E. Harris is a professional B2B copywriter specializing in case studies for solutions marketing. He has 15 years experience as an engineering manager with a Fortune 200 company and is an AWAI Circle of Success member. He has years of experience in case studies both as a consumer and writer. If your a businesses wanting measurable results from your marketing and advertising dollars you should contact James now by visiting http://casestudyguru.com/contact/

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