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Happiness - Changing Our Perception

Is our choice to become happy and is also our choice to look at things in the way we choose to. However, which is the way that you would choose? I recommend the “happiness” way!

In my marketing classes, I learn something about consumers' behaviors and there are many factors affecting consumers' behaviors. One of them is perception.

Take for example, Ron is working at his office and one day he caught a cold. His buddy, begin helpful offered him a 'Axon' cold tablet. Ron has never notice 'Axon' before but decided to try it anyway. Ron felt much better after taking 'Axon' and was glad that he took the tablet.

After work, he went to the bus stop and saw the billboard advertising 'Axon'. It was the same bus stop that he has been to everyday, yet he did not notice the existence of 'Axon'. While he was on the bus, he saw another advertisement of 'Axon'.

From this example, it clearly illustrates how our minds choose to look at things. Our perceptions either focus on some things or ignore them.

It is the same case when we want to be Happy. We need to change our perception at times and look at things from a more positive angle. It helps in lightening up your mood. The world is our teacher and that we are here to learn lesson. Our perception matters in our pursuit to Happiness.

“We reach points in our life when we are ready for new information. Until then, something can be staring us in the face but we don't see it.” Quoted from ‘In a Nutshell’ by Andrew Matthews.

So, be ready to receive lessons from people around you (As all of them are our teachers) and take a different perspective the next time you look at thing before jumping to conclusion. Remember we have a choice in making the difference in our life. Then, you will learn to understand and be HAPPIER!

Jackson is an University student who wants to promote and spreads the word of HAPPINESS to the whole world. He believes that everyone can be Happy as long as they choose to. For more free information on Happiness, go to http://projecth.blogspot.com/ This article is free for republishing by visitors provided the resource link is retained.

Source: www.articlecity.com