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Before You Choose Chemotherapy

Cancer is tragic, and what is even more tragic is that people are so scared when they hear that they have cancer that they go straight to chemotherapy. Cancer scares people so badly that most of the time, they don't really give themselves time to learn all about their treatment options.

But stop and think about this: Chemotherapy kills cancer cells because it is poisonous. Yes, certainly it kills cancerous cells. Now think about what it is doing to your healthy cells. The logic behind chemotherapy is this. Doctors will give you chemo in an attempt to kill off all of the cancer cells before the chemo damages your body enough to kill you.

When chemo turns out to be unsuccessful, it's because your body is dying more rapidly from the poison than the cancerous cells are. And this is why people become violently ill, throw up, and lose all their hair. The reason they feel as though they are dying is because they are.

But there are natural treatments that can be very effective against cancer, and it won't try to kill your body in the process. Natural medicine specialists will never give you treatments that will make you sick, or damage your vital organs the way chemotherapy does. It damages your kidneys, heart, and liver. The truth is this. Chemotherapy is not necessary in all cases, and you should be educated before you make any treatment choices. Find out the truth about chemo and natural treatments.

Talk to someone who has undergone chemotherapy for their cancer. Talk to someone who has had success with natural cancer treatments. And, most of all, don't restrict yourself to chemotherapy just because your doctor tells you to. Get a second opinion. Get a third, fourth, or twelfth opinion for that matter.

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Source: www.articlealley.com