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Breast Health And Other Diseases In Women

The female breasts are a very important part of the female body. Their proper health needs to be maintained. An inability to do so may result in breast related diseases. There are various other conditions that can affect the female breasts. Due to this, care has to be taken and certain tips should be followed for healthy breasts. Diseases that affect the breast include benign fibrocystic breasts as well as breast cancer.

Some information about one particular disease that affects the female breasts is given. Knowledge about the cause and treatment of breast cancer is inadequate. Breast cancer can develop irrespective of the age group. Breast cancer need not necessarily run in families. Breast cancer can happen to any women. But if there are cases of breast cancer within the family then chances increase considerably. So, it is better to get a check up done regularly. Usually, people think that breast cancer occurs due to the presence of a gene that has been mutated. This mutated gene could be BRCA1 or even BRCA2. The absence of this gene doesnít imply that breast cancer will not occur. About ninety percent of women who are detected with breast cancer do not have this particular mutated gene in them or in their family.

Breast cancer does not really develop if the women are exposed to risk factors that are already known. In spite of not knowing the risk factors women can fall prey to breast cancer. A major portion of women who have breast cancer have not really had any exposure to the existing risk factors. This implies that each and every woman has equal chances of developing breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer is not a disease that can be prevented completely. A drug called Tamoxifen can reduce the chances of suffering from breast cancer. But complete prevention is not possible. The cause of breast cancer is still not known. The only method of living through breast cancer is to detect it early and get it treated.

Breastfeeding can reduce the chances of occurrence of breast cancer in the perimenopausal stage. Studies have been conducted to find out if hormone replacement can be done in order to reduce the chances of breast cancer. In spite of tremendous research in the field of breast cancer, its causative factors are relatively unknown. Proper care of breasts should be taken to maintain good health.

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